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Be Free Defensive Solutions is a USCCA Certified firearm training and protective consulting company that provides professional development for those that want to protect their business, home, and love ones.   BFDS offers fundamental training for firearm usage and certifications for handgun qualification license (HQL) and conceal carry wear permits (CCW).

Firearms Training

Gun Wear and Carry

This course meets a minimum 16Hrs requirement for firearm carry usage,  safety, and defense with a live fire qualification.  The course covers MD firearm laws/policy,  operation,  accessories

Loading Shotgun

The course covers home defense basics, MD firearm laws/policy (Castle Doctrine) ,  and home defense planning.  Part of the course is simulation based where home protection role play will be used to provide active learning.

Shooting Target

This course meets a minimum 4Hrs requirement for firearm usage,  safety, and defense with 1Hr of range time.  The course covers defense basics, fundamental shooting, MD firearm laws/policy,  home defense planning,  accessories

Hand Gun with Ammunition

This course covers live fire teaching for  firearm usage (grip, stance, trigger pull sighting), safety (loading, finger placement, malfunction clearing, and firearm cleaning.

Special Services

Criminal Bad Guy with Gun

What You Need!  This course covers live fire and simulation defensive training based on urban and suburban threats (outdoor stickup.  ATM robbery, front door attack, and car jacking). 

Man Changing Locks

Bundle Package: HQL, Conceal Carry, and Home Protection Plan!!  All for a special low price.

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